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Summer Fitness Activities Indoors

  • Yoga .
  • Spin Classes
  • Barre Workouts
  • Indoor Rock Climbing

When you’re ready to reclaim your health and overcome obesity, The JFK Bariatric Institute is here to help. Our team of weight loss surgery specialists near Atlantis, FL, routinely perform procedures, such as gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy. Contact us at (561) 548-4JFK (4535). Your healthy lifestyle after weight loss surgery will include regular exercise. This doesn’t have to mean that you’ll spend hours on a treadmill; you should find a few exercises that are genuinely enjoyable to you because you’ll be more likely to adhere to your workout program. During the hot summer months, it may be preferable to exercise indoors to avoid the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Summer Fitness Activities Outdoors

Create a Hiking Treasure Hunt

Find a Playground

Try Stand-Up Paddle boarding

At The JFK Bariatric Institute, our team of bariatric surgery specialists near Atlantis, FL, can help you get started on the road to good health. After losing weight with bariatric surgery, such as an adjustable gastric band surgery, you can begin dropping pounds and building muscle with your fitness routine and diet plan. Call (561) 548-4JFK (4535) today to speak with a registered nurse. Enjoying an outdoor workout is a great way to increase your fitness level after having weight loss surgery at The JFK Bariatric Institute. However, special precautions ought to be taken during the hot summer months. Exercising outdoors can increase the risk of heat cramps and subsequently, heat exhaustion. To minimize your risk, drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your workout, and try to exercise during the cooler hours of the day. If you feel dizzy, nauseated or otherwise unwell, it’s wise to stop exercising immediately and move to a cool area to rehydrate.

Food Allergy Action Month

  • How Common Are Food Allergies?
  • What Are the Symptoms?
  • How Do Food Allergies Affect Bariatric Surgery Patients?

Food allergies are more than mere annoyances. They can cause life-threatening reactions in people who experience them and should always be taken seriously. Since 1998, every May has been devoted to Food Allergy Action Month, to educate the public and allergy sufferers about living with and managing this serious condition. If you have had weight loss surgery, food allergies can be an especially prominent issue. As you add new foods to your diet, you may encounter allergies you haven’t experienced before, and new food preparation techniques may require you to learn new ways to avoid your allergy triggers. Brush up on these facts about food allergies in honor of Food Allergy Action Month. From sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass to gastric band surgery in Atlantis, The JFK Bariatric Institute provides comprehensive weight loss surgery solutions to help patients achieve their best health. Learn more about your weight loss surgery options by calling (561) 548-4JFK (4535).

Mediterranean Food Month

  • What Is a Mediterranean Diet?
  • Why Does Mediterranean Diet Work for Bariatric Patients?

After bariatric surgery, part of your long-term strategy for achieving your goal weight will be making changes to your diet. The Mediterranean diet has long been praised for its balanced approach to nutrition. For the past few years, May has been recognized as Mediterranean Diet Month and offers the perfect opportunity to try this healthy way of eating. Mediterranean foods can fit well into a post-bariatric surgery eating plan, providing you with a variety of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, so you feel full while enjoying delicious foods. After you have bariatric surgery at The JFK Bariatric Institute, you will receive comprehensive aftercare support from our experts in weight loss surgery in Atlantis. If you’re considering gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery, call us at (561) 548-4JFK (4535) to get more information or to find out how you can attend a weight loss surgery information session.

Physical Fitness and Sports Month

  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Basics
  • Ways to Take Part
  • What Weight Loss Surgery Patients Need to Know

After bariatric surgery, one lifestyle change many people adopt is becoming more physically active. For some people, this means a return to activities they once loved but had given up, and for others, it means getting active for the first time. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month—a time for everyone to reignite their fitness goals and try out new activities. For weight loss surgery patients, it can mark the perfect chance to get active. Here is what you need to know about this health observance and how you can use it to your advantage after weight loss surgery. At The JFK Bariatric Institute, you will receive pre and post-surgery counseling to help you adapt to the lifestyle changes that will support your weight loss efforts. If you’re considering weight loss surgery in Atlantis, call us today at (561) 548-4JFK (4535).

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